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About Us

Specialists in Innovative AIoT Applications and Services


We provide a diverse range of AIoT services


Open Platform

​We provide an AIoT platform that allows clients to combine various network devices and applications that meet their needs. Interfaces offer visualization for clients to effectively monitor, regulate, record, and analyze key data.


Diverse Industry Solutions

To meet the needs of industries, we have developed a variety of solutions, such as a one-stop solution  method that combines network devices, software applications, and data analysis services, offering clients flexibility in their options and fast installation.


Cloud Services for Big Data Analysis

Our engineering team possesses a wealth of experience in AI, Big Data, and cloud technologies. Through machine learning and modeling, we are able to provide crucial analytical indexes with a visual interface that helps clients to monitor important information effectively


Core Technology

Our core technologies include indoor positioning , smart sensors, AI smart algorithms and a cloud platform. 

At the same time, we handle third-party network devices through an open framework to produce comprehensive AIoT smart services.

Indoor Positioning
By integrating BLE and UWB sensor technology, the movement of people and objects may be tracked in real-time.
  • emergency calls

  • staff and equipment tracking

  • smart handover checking

  • secure access to facilities, etc.

Smart Sensors
Diverse smart sensor technology that can be applied to detecting personnel entering or exiting an area, breathing and heart beat as well as temperature, humidity and other environmental indicators 
  • contactless fall detection

  • wearable biometric signs

  • air quality detection

  • step detection, etc.


​By gathering statistics on Big Data, we have created an AI smart algorithm that offers a decision model for precise analysis.
  • AI fall and posture interpretation

  • AI interpretation for signs of physiological risks

  • AI environmental purification controls

  • AI positioning algorithms, etc. ​​​​

Cloud Platform
​An open platform and API allows for connectivity with third-party network devices and API, thus reducing the costs associated with developing hardware for AIoT.
  • smart patches for diapers

  • watches for heart rate and blood oxygen

  • Bluetooth temperature patches

  • Bluetooth blood pressure and blood oxygen machines, etc.

AIoT Open Framework

Fusion's AIoT framework can be connected with a wide variety of AIoT devices. Through gateways, sensor data is transmitted to a cloud platform to be calculated and analyzed. On the client side, a visual interface can be used via application services for real-time monitoring and control. It is also possible to integrate this data into a corporation or hospital's system.

Sensors & Devices

​A variety of sensors and network devices are used to obtain data and receive positioning signals, which then are transmitted to the gateway.

AIoT Gateway

​Establish communication between terminals and the cloud platform, support edge computing and simultaneously provide the capability for Bluetooth broadcast positioning.

Cloud Platform

Responsible for data storage and retrieval as well as remote management of smart terminal and communication gateways. The cloud platform provides data analysis and AI computing capabilities.


​System for client-side application services. Provide visualized interface display as well as API to access cloud platform data along with various functions.

Client Results

  • FusionRTLS Active Medical Violence Prevention System  has been introduced to key medical institutions. Real-time positioning alerts reduced the rate of medical violence incidents.

  • FusionRTLS Medical Equipment Tracking Systemshas been introduced to the nurse stations of several medical institutions to assist medical staff to swiftly ascertain the location of important medical equipment, thus increasing the efficiency of handoffs between staff.

  • FusionCare Fall Detection System has been adopted by several nursing facilities. The system works to detect if an elderly individual is in danger in their room or bathroom in order to prevent serious injuries.

  • FusionAir Indoor  Purification Systems has been installed in hospitals and many public spaces. These help to lower the risk of infections associated with gatherings.

Taipei Mackay Hospital

Cathay Pacific Long-Term Care Center

Tamsui Mackay Hospital

Zhongxiao Nursing Home

National Taiwan University Hospital Jinshan Branch

National Taiwan University Cancer Center

Recognized by many national quality awards


About Fusion

Innovative AIoT brand of Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc. (Foxconn Technology Group), founded in 2001 with its headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan.

Offering AIoT platform and solutions in many areas such as indoor positioning, mmWave radar fall detection, indoor air quality monitoring and purifying solutions, and so on.

Human-centered Technology

Fusion has the meaning of merging with each other to form a new force.

The O in the letter is designed as a mathematical symbol ∞, which is a blend of two circles, representing infinity or infinity in the mathematical definition.


Just like the founding spirit of Fusion, people-oriented technological innovation, and the intelligent integration of software and hardware bring together the infinite imagination and infinite applications of human beings for intelligent life.

Let the warm technology Internet of Things provide people with a more secure and safe smart life.

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