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mmWave Radar Sensor

Real-time fall detection and notification to make our loved ones safer.

  • Suitable for fall detection, bed-leaving detection, stay overtime alert, breath detection, etc.

  • The sensor is installed on the ceiling for remote detection without any wearables.

  • When an abnormality is found, the system and mobile phone messages will be pushed to notify the caregiver immediately, shortening the golden rescue time.

  • The radar catches point clouds to analyze the body posture. No camera is used, so there are no worries about privacy invasion, and can be safely installed in the bathroom and bedroom.

  • High accuracy. Working in various lighting conditions and temperatures such as bedrooms without light, hot and smoky bathrooms, or under strong lights.

ARM Cortex QualCore A7 1.1GHz
mmWave Radar
​● Frequency: 60-GHz
● Field of view: 120° horizontal, 120° vertical
● Distance: 1.5~3m
​Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) 2.4/5GHz, 
Ethernet (PoE+ IEEE802.3at)
I/O Interface
Micro USB , DC jack, Ethernet port
5VDC / 4A
LED indicator
Working Temp.
0~40℃, ≦95% (relative humidity)
Storage Temp
● 0~40℃, ≦95% (relative humidity)
● -10~60℃, ≦95% (relative humidity)
180 x 37 mm 
Fall detection, off-bed detection, stay overtime alert, occupancy detection, breathing detection

Fall Detection Solutions

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