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Visit Fusion at Healthcare Expo Taiwan 2023 - Taipei Hospital

Exciting Collaboration in Healthcare Innovation! Taipei Hospital, under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, is teaming up with Fusion to unveil the Smart Ward, and the Fusion Telehealth Platform, integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance nursing efficiency and ensure patient safety.

Smart Ward Features

 Smart Ward
Smart Ward

🔶 Medical Equipment Tracking System

Utilizing indoor Bluetooth positioning, nurses can effortlessly locate essential medical devices, reducing manual search time and lightening the nursing workload.

🔶 mmWave Contactless Detection

Fusion #mmWave radar fall detection system is introduced in patient areas. In case of abnormalities, the system immediately notifies nursing staff. It features non-wearable, contactless, and camera-free detection, protecting patient privacy.

mmWave Fall detection system
mmWave Fall detection system

🔶 Fusion Indoor Environmental Purification System

This 24/7 monitoring system detects harmful substances and gases, intensifying purification efficiency when elevated levels are detected. With UVC and photocatalytic technology, certified by SGS with a 99.9% bactericidal rate, it reduces infection risks and tackles odors and pollutants.

Fusion Indoor Environmental Purification System
Fusion Indoor Environmental Purification System

Fusion Telehealth Platform

Anticipating the 2024 implementation of #teleconsultation and home medical care in Taiwan, Fusion introduces the Fusion Telehealth Platform, offering 8 key features to meet the demands of future #telemedicine:

Fusion Telehealth Platform
Fusion Telehealth Platform

1. Online Appointment Booking

Three options for booking - "Home Medical Care," "Teleconsultation," and general "Online Appointment Booking."

2. Video Consultation

Supporting simultaneous online consultations for patients, family members, and physicians.

3. nterdisciplinary Consultation

Facilitating collaboration across hospitals or departments for patient consultations.

4. AI Dialogue Transcription

AI-generated #doctors’orders based on consultation dialogues.

5. Quick Prescription

Shortcut menu for prescribing.

6. Mobile Payments

Enabling online card and mobile payments.

7. QR-code Prescription

Supporting e-prescriptions for convenient medication retrieval.

8. Health Monitoring

Integrating physiological measurement devices to monitor changes in patients' health conditions 24/7.

🌐 Embrace the future of healthcare with Taipei Hospital and Fusion’s innovative solutions!

📍 Exhibition Information:

▶️ Date: Nov. 30- Dec. 3, 2023

▶️ Time: 10:00–18:00 daily (Last day til 16:00)

▶️ Booth:J402, 1F, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center


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