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Fusion participated in 2021 Bio ASIA Taiwan Onsite Exhibition

Fusion joined to The 2021 Bio ASIA Taiwan Onsite Exhibition, started from July 28-31, and showcased Fall Detection, Diaper Humidity Detection, Continuous Health Monitor and FusionAir Indoor Purification System.

Safety – Fall Detection Solutions

Using mmWave radar to automatically detect the activities of the elderly in the room, bathroom and other spaces, and analyze whether there is a fall or stay for too long, and provide reminders and records of the patient from getting up/out of bed to reduce the risk of accidents. The radar sensor does not use a camera, so it can prevent the privacy of the elderly from being violated.

Hygiene – Diaper Humidity Detection

The diaper humidity sensor with the network function can stick on the diaper, and it can detect the diaper humidity and give reminders to change the diaper in time.

Health – Continuous Heath Monitor

By wearing a wearable device to continuously detect the health status of the elderly (such as heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, etc.). When the value is found to be abnormal, the device will send alert to the caregiver so instant assistance can be given.

Environment – FusionAir Indoor Purification System

“FusionAir indoor purification system” use advanced technologies such as AIoT, cloud and big data in the purification process. We provide 24 hours environmental risk monitoring and indoor data collecting and upload to the cloud and then build an environmental risk assessment model based on the collected big data, and provide real-time purification performance for different pollution levels. At present, many elderly care centers, care centers, medical centers, etc. have cooperated with us. “FusionAir indoor purification system” can provide people with healthy and good air 24 hours a day.

Fusion specialists in innovative AIoT applications and services. Fusion endeavors to provide cutting-edge AIoT platforms and solutions. Clients are able to take advantage of a one-stop solution for installing AIoT applications. Through AI Big Data analysis, we have developed smart services that will effectively boost clients’ satisfaction with services and business values. Our core technologies include indoor positioning, smart sensors, AI smart algorithms and a cloud platform. At the same time, we handle third-party network devices through an open framework to produce comprehensive AIoT smart services. Fusion’s AIoT framework can be connected with a wide variety of AIoT devices. Through gateways, sensor data is transmitted to a cloud platform to be calculated and analyzed. On the client side, a visual interface can be used via application services for real-time monitoring and control. It is also possible to integrate this data into a corporation or hospital's system.


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