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Fusion to participate in the Senior Industry Forum 2021

The Senior Industry Forum 2021, which be held by National Health Research Institutes on August 20th, will invite experts to share how the industry utilizes technology, external assistance, and medical assistance to achieve healthy aging, Lohas, and safe living condition building. Fusion is going to participate in this forum to share the latest AIoT technology solutions which are FusionAir Indoor Purification System, Fall Detection Solutions, and Diaper Humidity Detection. We will show how to assist long-term care institutions to improve the security of the elderly. This is a live stream forum. If you have any questions about Fusion products, you can interact with us online. You can book the ticket on the website from now until August 20, 2021. Welcome to the related industries, academic and research units, and people who are interested in the topic can join us. Let’s learn new knowledge online and develop new business opportunities.


The Senior Industry Forum 2021

Date: August 20, 2021

Time: 13:00~16:00

Book the ticket:


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