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Shanghai International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Medicine and Healthcare 2021

Shanghai International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Medicine and Healthcare (AID) is the leading exhibition for the fast developing senior care market in China, and its reputation now firmly established as the most authoritative industry trade show in the country. AID 2021, took place from June 9th to 11th , was focused on six category areas, showcasing the latest service, product and technology offerings in Rehabilitation, Senior Care, Nursing Care, Assistive Devices, Age-friendly Housing and Healthcare Management.

Fusion participated in AID 2021 through the "Taiwan Long-term Care Industry for the Business Opportunity of China exchange group” which organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), and exhibited 4 major themes such as "Safety Rescue", "Health Care", "Continuous Care" and "Environmental Purification" to demonstrate how we can provide more complete and humane IOT platform care services for medical institutions or long-term care institutions. In addition, Fusion was also invited to participate in the "Taiwan Long-term Care Industry for the business opportunity in China online exchange group " organized by the TAITRA, as a result, the meeting attracted many domestic and foreign industry buyers to further discuss cooperation opportunities.

Safety Rescue – mmWave Radar Fall Detection

Using mmWave radar to automatically detect the activities of the elderly in the room, bathroom and other spaces, and analyze whether there is a fall or stay for too long, and provide reminders and records of the patient from getting up/out of bed to reduce the risk of accidents. The radar sensor does not use a camera, so it can prevent the privacy of the elderly from being violated.

Health Care – Smart Diaper Humidity Detection

The diaper humidity sensor with the network function can stick on the diaper, and it can detect the diaper humidity and give reminders to change the diaper in time.

Continuous Care – Continuous Physiological Monitoring

By wearing a wearable device to continuously detect the health status of the elderly (such as heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, etc.). When the value is found to be abnormal, the device will send alert to the caregiver so instant assistance can be given. In addition, the elder's movement trajectory can also be collected, and the data can be imported into the platform to generate physiological data. The physician can provide measurements during follow-up visits to help understand the elderly's health condition.

Environmental Purification – Fusionair Indoor Purification System

FusionAir indoor purification system provide 24 hours environmental risk monitoring and indoor data collecting and upload to the cloud (indoor data such as: PM2.5, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, ozone, carbon dioxide, TVOC, etc.) and then build an environmental risk assessment model based on the collected big data, and provide real-time purification performance for different pollution levels. “FusionAir indoor purification system” also uses the principle of UV-C energy for indoor purification. It can not only directly photolyze and destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses for achieving the disinfection effect, but also use Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to ionize oxygen and water vapor in the air which works as a factor for purifying the environment. In addition, the purifying agents can also effectively remove odors, eliminate bacteria on the surface so that indoor can keep air fresh at all times.


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