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Fusion’s Fall Detection System wins historic Bronze Award for Long-term Care Health at the 25th SNQ

Fusion, the smart AIoT brand owned by Chiun Mai Communication Systems, has focused on assisting the digital transformation of the medical and care industries, integrating its core technologies such as indoor positioning, sensing, AIoT, and cloud services to create innovative smart care solutions.

Fusion made history this year after Fusion’s “Fall Detection System” won bronze award in the Long-term Care Health Category at the 25th National Biotechnology Medical Care Quality Award, which is equivalent to the top product in Taiwan and become the first company to land the award. In addition to the bronze award honor, the FusionAir indoor purifier received the SNQ certification mark for the second consecutive year.

Fusion Fall Detection System detects body postures and activities by touchless millimeter waves radar sensor, so users do not need to wear any devices. As soon as detecting a fall, bed exit, or abnormal long stay, the system will alert caregivers in multiple ways such as instant messaging, nurse call system, and aisle displays, so instant assistance can be given.

The mmWave radar has high accuracy and adaptability under environments such as darkness, strong light, smoke, high temperature, and steam, so it is suitable for medical institutions, nursing institutions, and homes. Moreover, it’s one of few fall detectors on the market that is workable and suitable to be used in the bathroom. For the user, since the mmWave radar solution does not capture images and needs no wearable, it preserves privacy and greatly increases acceptance.

This system has been adopted in many medical, long-term care institutions and day care centers in Taiwan and abroad. To date, it has assisted our nursing home clients in receiving more than 1,000 bed-leaving alarms, which help caregivers provide timely assistance and ensure seniors’ safety before a fall happen. At the same time, the solution can help healthcare institutions reduce the frequency of care rounds and make good use of medical resources.

Fusion has been committed to facilitating the adoption of smart technology in more healthcare scenarios and will expand applications to home care services to provide a 24-hour comprehensive home security protection solution in the future.


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